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About Us

We established our company in 2009. We were prompted by the fast development of Public Procurement Law and growing need for professional services.

Our activities to date have proven us to be an experienced, reliable, and competent partner, offering legal advice within Public Procurement Law. We offer comprehensive services that always begin with a detailed understanding of our client’s industry, their needs, and requirements. Working this way enables us to find the best and most favourable solution in each matter, even the most difficult. This always leads to success.

We are a young and ambitious team of lawyers possessing comprehensive knowledge. Extensive legal qualifications together with the constant updating of our knowledge and openness to new challenges enable us to deal with the new and not always easy problems that arise as a result of constantly changing market realities. Our clients include both companies that apply for a public procurement contracts as well as clients on behalf of whom we prepare whole proceedings We prepare single proceedings but can also provide comprehensive Public Procurement Law services.

Public procurement and legal advice

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