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Arkadiusz Bocian – legal advisor, managing person

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Lecturer and trainer in the field of public procurement. He has prepared and conducted several hundred public procurement procedures. Public procurement is not only work on the part of the Ordering Party from the moment of initiation of the procedure until its completion (by signing a contract with the selected Contractor), but also work on the part of the Contractor (preparation of tender offers, appeals). He represented both the Ordering Party and the Contractors before the arbitration. He completed a series of trainings devoted to public procurement.

He has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge on the application of the Public Procurement Law. Has the ability to efficiently conduct business negotiations. For over five years he worked as the Head of the Public Procurement Section for the classic Ordering Party. He dealt with public procurement with the sector ordering party. Currently, he runs his own business related to legal advice in the field of public procurement.

He also provides legal advice related to the spending of public funds, in accordance with the principle of competitiveness, in projects financed by the European Union.

The company “ARKADIUSZ BOCIAN PUBLIC ORDERS LEGAL ADVISORY” constantly cooperates with:

  • reputable law firms,
  • sworn translators,
  • other specialists in the field of the Public Procurement Law,
  • experts in other fields.

Public procurement and legal advice

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